Muniba Mazari

Dear Pakistan, please suggest authentic/registered organisations that are helping our Balochi brothers and sisters on ground in these testing times. Let’s come together as one nation, spread the word and help those in need! Khuda Asaani karay!

Famous anchor and social rights activist Muniba Mazari asked people to join hands and come together to help our brothers and sisters in Balochistan who are in extreme pain and are immensely suffering with the current excruciating situation in the province due to severe urban flooding.


Ultimately, we are ALL apostates/non-believers in someone else’s religion and eyes. This fact alone, should be enough to leave our fellow human beings space to live. Otherwise, we are first grade hypocrites. #thoughtoftheday

Armeena Khan believes that we shouldn’t be so stubborn towards other human beings. The actress raises a valid point where she thinks that we should give others some space to live according to what they believe in. It’s about time that live and let live should be our motto in life.

Adnan Siddiqui

Fervent appeal to @AQuddusBizenjo, @CMOBalochistan to help Wahab Bugti. @cokestudio, the man brought you laurels and of course, money. Time to rise to the occasion. Heartbreaking to see him reduced homeless.

Adnan Siddiqui appeals to the authorities and the provincial government of Balochistan to help the Coke Studio famed singer Wahab Bugti as he’s dealing with the most disastrous situation one could ever imagine. He also points it out to the internationally known franchise to come forward and help the artists who are the sole reason for the franchise to earn millions and millions.