The Diamond Eye

A timid librarian becomes the world's deadliest female sniper in The Diamond Eye by Kate Quinn. Inspired by a true story, this suspenseful World War II novel follows Mila Pavlichenko, a history student and librarian who devotes her life to her son, and is forced to pick up a rifle for the first time when the Nazis invade Russia. Soon she earns the nickname Lady Death, and after her 300th kill she's sent to America on a goodwill tour. During this time, she tries to process the toll of the war, all while a new threat to her safety lurks in the shadows.

Cover Story

Cover Story by Susan Rigetti is an unforgettable tale of scams and double-crosses told through emails, diary entries, and FBI correspondence. Lora Ricci is beyond excited when she lands a summer internship at Elle, and her future only looks brighter when the wealthy Cat Wolff takes her under her wing. It's not long before Lora is swept up into Cat's world, working as her ghostwriter by day and joining her at lavish parties by night. But not all is at it seems between these two women, and by the end, they're inadvertently caught up in a caper for the ages.

Sea of Tranquility

Award-winning author Emily Mandel is back with her most ambitious novel to date in Sea of Tranquility. Spanning centuries, the story begins in 1912 with a young man who hears the echo of violin strings in the forest, before moving two centuries forward to cover the doomed book tour of moon-dweller Olive Llewellyn. Finally, the story winds its way to Gaspery Roberts, a detective investigating an anomaly that appears to have driven a man mad in his prime and trapped an author on a plague-ravaged Earth. Now it's up to Gaspery to figure out who tampered with time itself and why.