I have high cholesterol, should I stop eating meat?

Dietary cholesterol is not the leading factor in body cholesterol. What that means is that the cholesterol in your food does not go into your body and automatically stick to your arteries. Instead of cutting out all dietary cholesterol, focus on adding fibre. If you shoot for 35g of fibre per day from beans, legumes, vegetables and whole grains, you should see a reduction in your cholesterol.

A lot of nutrition bars are full of sugar – how do I pick a good one?

Look for a bar with more fibre than sugar and protein than sugar. Next make sure that they didn’t take out the sugar but replace it with sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners.

I started exercising and now I’m hungry all the time! What should I do?

Focus on your post workout meal timing. When we exercise we use our short term energy stores in our muscle and liver. This is a very important type of energy and it is the priority for your body to refuel it immediately after you stop exercising. Make sure to have one of your meals or snacks within 30-60 minutes after you stop exercising. This will help your body recover from your workout and help curb your appetite so you don’t turn into a bottomless pit!

I eat healthy, do I need to take vitamins too?

Even if you are getting really high quality food into you every day, we find that most people benefit from a few extra vitamins and minerals. All supplements are not created the same. We would opt for a food based vitamin. These are supplements that deliver the nutrients in the same form they are found in nature. This tends to make them easier on your stomach (i.e. no nausea) and better absorbed by your body.