Why do I have white spots on my teeth?

While you may not like the sight of white spots on your teeth, they usually present no cause for major alarm. What can be to blame? In many cases, it’s due to dental fluorosis, or too much fluoride. Another condition contributing to white spots is known as enamel hypoplasia, which occurs when teeth enamel does not form properly in childhood. Sometimes, wearing braces can also leave behind white spots where the cement attached the braces to the teeth. However, there are other factors under your control that can help you prevent white spots from occurring, including practicing good dental hygiene and avoiding acidic and sugary foods.

Help! Why do I suddenly see brown spots on my teeth?

Brown or yellowish spots on the teeth typically signal poor oral hygiene. But sometimes stepping up your flossing and brushing routine isn’t enough. In some cases, these discolourations are due to stains from smoking, consuming beverages like coffee, taking certain medications or experiencing tooth trauma. However, brown spots can also signal signs of celiac disease, especially in children. That’s why it’s so important to follow up with your dentist should you experience any abnormal discolourations in your teeth.

My kid’s permanent teeth are starting to come in but she hasn’t lost all of her baby teeth yet! Is this normal?

Yes, it’s normal. It can happen to just one tooth at a time or a few simultaneously. If your child isn’t in pain, encourage her to gently wiggle any loose baby teeth to speed up the process. However, if the baby tooth is still there four to six weeks later, schedule an appointment with the dentist to see if it should be removed.

How to take care of my dental crown?

Crowns don’t need any special type of care. Looking after your oral health is important for any kind of dental care routine, simply clean your teeth twice per day with a pea sized amount of toothpaste, ensuring you clean in between them at least once a day with floss or an interdental brush. Even though you have false tooth in place you still need to clean your teeth and look after your gums to prevent gum disease and further oral health problems.