• 03 Sep - 09 Sep, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly

Gina McCleary (Michelle Monaghan), an author in LA, is very close to her identical twin sister Leni (also Monaghan), who is a horse farmer in Virginia. She calls her sister all the time for advice. But she’s getting worried that she isn’t returning her calls. She eventually gets a phone call from Leni’s husband Jack Beck (Matt Bomer) that Leni has gone missing. Gina then flies to her hometown to see where she can help. The two of them are so connected that she wouldn’t know what to do if Leni was no longer around. Gina is as pushy as Leni is relaxed, so when a day’s search ends for the night, she leans heavily on Sheriff Floss (Karen Robinson) to keep looking. The sheriff, who was a deputy when Gina left town under extreme circumstances, knows what she’s been through. Gina goes to the house where she grew up, where her father Victor lives with her younger sister Claudia, who completely resents Gina for leaving. Gina notes that Jack has hired a nanny, Natasha, and moved her niece Mattie to a different room. As she goes looking for Leni from when they were kids, we find out that Gina is actually Leni; the two regularly switch lives. It seems that the real Gina has run off for good, as a note tells Leni that she can choose either of their lives going forward.