The Girl in the Mirror

  • 03 Sep - 09 Sep, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly

The Girl in the Mirror, a new Netflix series from Spain, is now streaming on the platform. As we pan down that cliff, we see the wreck of a bus at the bottom of the ravine, with a bloodied teen lying there, awake with her eyes open. Eight hours earlier, a group of high schoolers are on the last day of a retreat at a resort on that mountain. Alma (Mireia Oriol), still mourning the loss of her friend Lara. Her friend Deva (Claudia Roset) encourages her to come to the last night party, but then Alma storms off when Deva brings up Lara during a game of spin the bottle. That night, Alma and her friend Tom (Álex Villazán) search for Deva, and others in the group find some alcohol-fuelled companionship, as well. The next morning, they set off on the bus; Deva gets on at the very last second. Something hits the bus, sending it off the road and down the cliff. Alma wakes up at the scene but is barely conscious. After multiple surgeries, she wakes up in a hospital room not knowing who she is and with no memory of the accident. Her classmate Telma (Laura Ubach), has a seizure and is removed to the ICU. Her vision is compromised. Tom, who lost a leg, visits her room to let her know that mostly everyone in the class didn’t make it, including Deva.

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