Mehwish Hayat TI

Thank you @skynews and @KayBurley for having me on this morning. Being able to speak on behalf of the millions of Pakistanis who don’t have a voice and desperately need our help means a lot. Please dig deep and give whatever you can.

Mehwish Hayat has always been vocal when times are tough. The actress was called on to join Sky News to speak about the ongoing devastating situation caused by horrific floods that drowned down one-third of the country under water. The actress made it a point for every one of us to come forward and help the victims in any way we can.


These are our people and we are responsible to send them help when they need us. Please do whatever is possible in your capacity but please do. Danish and I made our contribution and now it’s your turn. Donate to any NGO of your choice but don’t let this go unnoticed. #HelpPakistan

Ayeza Khan urged all the Pakistanis to contribute a much as they can in the relief efforts being carried out to stabilise the flood victims who have been through the worse one can even think of. Now is the time when we all should unite for a noble cause as our fellow brothers and sisters desperately need our help in these testing times.

Nadia Jamil

Please report ANY abandoned child/children to 1121 helpline for Child Protection and Welfare Bureau Punjab. The child/children will provide a safe home, shelter, food, education, clothes, play and care. I trust @SarahAhmad_PTI commitment/dedication to children. Do not hesitate. Please report!

Nadia Jamil is the biggest advocate of children’s right. You’ll find the actress being vocal about their rights in every possible way and has always educated people for what should be done in order to make the less privileged children a part of the community. Here, she urges everyone to report any abandoned child they get to know about to the child protection bureau.