Sister Stardust

The dazzling Sister Stardust by Jane Green will transport you to the 1960s. Green reimagines the life of '60s icon Talitha Getty, a model and actress, through the eyes of a woman named Claire. Claire crosses paths with Talitha in London, and the two form an instant connection. Soon, Claire joins Talitha in Marrakesh where their friendship deepens as the young woman realises her famous friend's life isn't nearly as charmed as it appears to be from the outside. Eventually, Claire gets caught up in Talitha's drama, putting her in the middle of a dangerous situation that can change her life.

The Wedding Crasher

Mia Sosa serves up another frothy rom-com in The Wedding Crasher, a story about a relationship of convenience that becomes something more. Solange Pereira is supposed to help her wedding planner cousin at a wedding, not crash the ceremony. But when Solange realises the couple isn't meant to be, she feels obligated to stop the groom from making a big mistake. Dean Chapman is trying to keep up appearances in hopes of landing a promotion at work. Feeling as if he has no choice but to act now that his wedding is off, he blurts out that he's in love with Solange, leading to a fake dating arrangement.


Spanning 70 years in the history one family, Memphis by Tara M. Stringfellow follows Joan, who flees her abusive father with her mother and sisters in 1995. They head straight for her family's ancestral home in Memphis. Once there, Joan begins to paint her neighbours as a way of finding peace and connecting with her community. Along the way, she uncovers long buried family secrets, and gains a newfound appreciation for her family's long and storied maternal line. Told through multiple perspectives, this story paints a beautiful picture of the qualities that are passed down from generation to generation.