Investigation Diaries

  • 10 Sep - 16 Sep, 2022
  • Salaar Laghari
  • Fiction

Landon goes through his Brother’s Memories

Another day, Landon was lying on his sofa. Wendy comes towards him and keeps his breakfast on a table nearby. She says to him:

‘Here it is. Please eat your breakfast.’

‘Wendy, please come, I want you to sit next to me.’

As Landon sits straight, Wendy came and sat next to him. He looks at Wendy and then says:

‘Wendy, I know I’ve been a bad husband. But I really want you to forgive me before I get killed anytime soon.’

‘Oh, come on Landon, why do you keep on saying this that you’ll be killed. Nothing will happen to you.’

‘We have to face this come on. I might leave you behind as a widow.’

Landon’s cell phone beeps as he receives a text message. Landon thinks of picking it up but ignores anyway.

Landon takes out a piece of paper from his closet’s drawer and shows it to Wendy. It had a romantic poem written. He tells her:

‘My brother wrote this romantic poem which was named, ‘A Moment to Remember’.

Today I’ll only say,

That I’ve been waiting for this day,

Since five years,

Swimming in river of tears,

For you to be,

Right in front of me,

Making a ‘Moment to Remember’.

I thought everything would be fine,

But you’re still not mine,

Because you belong to someone else,

A fact that tells,

That our distances are not yet over,

Which is why however,

There is no point of the ‘Moment to Remember’.

‘Your brother was in love?’ Wendy asks after reading the poem.

‘He was in love with a girl and I stole his love by making her my girlfriend,’ Landon replies checking his cell phone.

The text message said:


He gets alarmed reading this and looks directly outside his window. He stands up and goes to see whether his brother was out there anywhere.

‘What happen Landon?’ she asks.

‘This guy just came here; I know…’

‘Who? Your brother?’

‘Yes and he heard us. He sent me this SMS saying that he won’t kill me.’

Wendy gets frightened. Landon angrily throws away his cell phone and says:

‘I knew it, he’s following me everywhere. I know this for sure.’

After a while, as Landon gets a little cool, Wendy slowly says:

‘What is your second secret? Tell me if you love me…’

‘My secret was that I lied that I haven’t seen me brother’s new face… I have seen it, but I don’t like that look on my brother’s face.’


‘Because I don’t know why he chose that face… I’m pretty sure there’s a reason behind it.’

Landon stands up and gets prepared for what might happen to him. And so, he goes towards his room’s closet and takes out his pistol. He decides that he won’t get frightened this time.

A Suspect

On Friday, Brian and Mr Barrymore were having lunch at the same restaurant where Mr Barrymore used to meet Landon. Mr Barrymore says to him:

‘I’ve heard that you and Bret are using illegal methods to track our criminal.’

‘Sir, I have to do this right way or wrong way. This criminal’s not even easy for a well experienced guy like me.’

‘Look, whoever he is, he won’t and even can’t run away and hide from us forever.’

‘You’re missing the whole point here,’ Brian says having his drink, ‘this criminal knows what we are up to. He knows our every next step, he is a mastermind. He now has only one target left.’

‘…Wait a minute,’ Mr Barrymore interrupts getting suspicious, ‘I never told you that, how did you figure that out…’

‘My spy has been following Landon for quite some time now,’ he replies fearlessly.

‘I knew that you were a cheater. Landon was right about you. You know you had many allegations of taking bribe from criminals? You erased them somehow, due to which you are still running free.’


‘The moment I get one strong proof of our corrupt acts, I will be the one to arrest you.’

‘Arrest me?’ Brian taunts laughingly. ‘You will see this happening. Your criminal of the year will escape right in front of you and FBI. And if this happens, I swear I’ll resign, I’ll give up my job.’

‘Is this any sort of challenge?’

‘Tomorrow, it’s Saturday and according to our predictions the day of robbery. So, if he robs away his final victim and we don’t hear from him, then I’ll give up everything. Because if I lose this battle then it’s no use of being an inspector.’

‘Is your battle against the criminal or Detective Landon?’ Commissioner asks.

‘Earlier, it was only with Landon, but now when I’ve seen something entirely different than my other cases, it has become against both Landon and the criminal as well.’

‘The only reason why this guy might get away would be because of the bloody competition between you two investigators.’

Brian gets silent for a while and looks at someone who was sitting at another couch. As Mr Barrymore turns around and looks at the guy, he gets the same feeling. They both actually felt that this unknown guy’s face was quite familiar with Randall Davis. And so, he might be Landon’s brother, who had a facial surgery.

‘Follow him secretly,’ Mr Barrymore whispers to Brian. ‘Don’t let him know, that we are here.’

‘Okay,’ Brian says standing up.

That unknown but suspicious guy immediately stands up and begins to walk away. Brian follows him getting vigilant.

Mr Barrymore looks somewhere else and accidentally sees Landon who was roaming around with his dark shades on and smoking a cigarette. He gets surprised to see why he was following them. So, he goes towards him and says:

‘Landon, what are you doing here?’

He smiles in return and replies:



As Brian was following the suspect, he loses him somewhere in the crowd of people. He regrets and angrily punches a wall. He gets a phone call from Bret in his cell phone. He answers the call:

‘Yes, what is it?’

‘Sir, here’s an interesting piece of information, and I would like to share that with you.’

‘Bret, I just lost a suspect….’

‘Don’t worry, let me tell you what I have here. There’s someone who was known as Logan few years back and now, his new identity is Billy Walls.’

‘Oh…’ Brian says getting a little delighted, ‘earlier he was Logan what?’

‘I couldn’t get his full name sir…’

‘No problem, tomorrow morning, come to my place,’ he says immediately ending his call as commissioner was coming.

Next day, on Saturday, Brian was waiting for Bret to come to his place. But later, he gets a phone call by someone:

‘Hello?’ he answers.

‘Inspector Brian! Report immediately at Officer Bret’s home, he has been found murdered this morning.’

‘What the hell are you saying?’ Brian says standing up angrily.

He leaves his home and prepares to see the homicide scene.

Moments later, Brian reaches Bret’s house and rushes inside to see what happened. The cops had surrounded the scene where Bret was lying dead on ground with his chest bleeding. Brian gets deeply sorrowful, but more concerned with the killer behind.

After sitting there for a while he detaches a wall clock from the wall which had a secret camera that had recorded everything that had happened since morning. He calls one of the cops and says:

‘I’m going to the police station. You check this video clip and within next thirty minutes inform me who was the killer.’

He puts on his hat and leaves.

Landon gets Bankrupt

Meanwhile at San Diego Bank, Landon helplessly rushes towards the counter and shows his detective agency’s license. The employee gets a little scared and asks:

‘Yes sir, what can I do for you?’

‘These are the details of my account,’ he says handing over a piece of paper with his bank details, ‘I need to know how much do I have in my account… Do it quickly, it’s a matter of a serious investigation.’

‘Sure sir,’ the employee replies following his orders quickly.

A minute later, the employee says:

‘Sorry sir, according to your bank account you have zero balance.’

Landon loses his grip and almost fells to the ground. He cries:

‘Oh God, just what I was expecting. My brother just ended up his crime… making me his final victim.’

He gets a text message on his cell phone. He wipes off his tears in sadness as he lost something he loved the most. And then he checked the text message. In the text message last stanza of the poem ‘Black Money’ was written:

This money will give you tragedies and sadness,

By taking away all your happiness,

Your intentions that were corrupt,

Will leave you bankrupt,

Then you will curse your Black Money.

Reading this makes him realise that he was actually the last victim of his brother’s criminal activities. He cries a lot, but the employee tells him:

‘Sir, your bank balance was transferred to someone else’s account, earlier this morning.’

‘Oh yeah? To whose?’

After checking for a while, the employee tells him:

‘It’s been transferred to someone by the name of Brian Hammond.’

‘What?’ Landon asks getting extremely shocked.

Then, he gets a little calm and thinks for a while Mr Barrymore’s words echo around in his mind:

‘Do you know Landon that your mysterious brother is not alone, someone else is affiliated with him?’

This makes him realise that Brian must be affiliated with his brother. He might just be playing along with the cops and FBI, so that they might never catch him. Next thing that comes in his mind was ‘why’. Why was he allowing the criminal to do crimes?

‘…Bribery,’ he tells himself, ‘he is known for bribes and this can be a motive as to why they were affiliated.’

After getting the scenario, he leaves the bank and goes straight back to his home to tell Wendy about this.

Brian leaves to kill Landon

At the police station, Brian was holding his forehead. He gets a phone call from Mr Barrymore, he answers it:

‘Yes sir?’

‘Brian, I’m really sorry about what happened with Bret…’

‘I know!’

‘I want you to send the cops to arrest Landon now.’

‘Arrest Landon? Why?’ Brian asks getting confused.

‘Because I just saw the video clip of Bret’s murder, and you won’t believe who actually killed him… It was Landon!’

‘Landon?’ he says getting angrier than ever, ‘I knew it, Bret told me that Landon had caught him spying. Due to which, he had to kill Bret.’

‘So, you’ll just go and arrest him.’

‘No sir, I won’t arrest him. I am leaving form here straight away to kill him.’

‘Brian!’ commissioner exclaims. ‘I am warning you, if you do anything like that, I won’t spare you.’

‘I don’t care’

Brian disconnects his call.

As he inserts bullets inside his pistol’s magazine, he receives an MMS. He checks it, it was a video clip sent by one of the cops who worked with him. In the video clip:

Landon was wearing his shades. He enters inside Bret’s house, as the entrance door was already open. As Bret sees him, Landon loads his pistol and aims it towards him. Bret raises his arms up in air. Landon however shoots him repeatedly.

As the video ends, Brian finally decides to kill his rival Landon. He realises that he shouldn’t have sent Bret to spy on him, as it leads to his murder by Landon.

Criminal Reveals Himself

Mr Barrymore arrives at the hospital where Bret’s dead body was taken. He sits somewhere at the benches outside operation theatres. He gets a phone call, he answers it:


‘Hello Mr Barrymore,’ Wendy speaks from the other line, ‘it’s me Wendy!’

‘Oh Wendy, what happened to you? You sound so uncomfortable.’

‘It’s Landon; he has left to kill Inspector Brian.’

‘Kill Brian?’ he asks getting confused. ‘Why has he left to kill him?’

‘He went to his bank today and figured out that he has become the final victim of getting robbed by his criminal brother.’

‘I was expecting that, but what does it have to do with Brian?’

‘His entire bank balance has been transferred to Brian’s account. This makes him believe that Brian was involved with the criminal all the time.’

‘Oh no…’ he says getting shocked. ‘Where did he go?’

‘He called Inspector Brian right away and asked him to meet at the Coronado bridge.’

‘Okay, I’ll do something. Thank you!’

to be continued...