Love in the Villa

  • 10 Sep - 16 Sep, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly

Netflix film Love in the Villa, follows Julie, fresh from her break up with Brandon, embarking on her dream visit to Verona, and having a chance encounter with a stranger that seems to be staying in her rented villa. Light-hearted and gentle, this romantic comedy finds Julie single after four years. A planned romantic trip to Verona is off the cards, till Julie decides to go on her own. Cue a stressful flight, and Julie arrives to be picked up by a manic taxi driver. Undeterred, Julie makes her way to her accommodation, not what she expected, and finds the door to her villa is open, and a handsome stranger, Charlie Fletcher, is already booked in. Julie asks him to leave, Charlie of course refuses, and the two start to try to figure out where the error has occurred. The film places the viewer squarely in its sights, with an opening of Julie reading Romeo and Juliet to her class of pupils, and longing to visit Verona, to find Juliet’s balcony. The humour and banter fall a little flat, Charlie puts his cards on the table very early announcing he is British and doesn’t do emotion as Julie has a breakdown realising they are stuck together for the duration of her visit. However, a compromise is reached and Julie heads out to try and follow her own holiday plans, with disastrous results. A return to the villa sees Charlie offering relationship advice, and Julie becoming more interested in him.