Devil In Ohio

  • 10 Sep - 16 Sep, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly

It feels like Bones was on for a full generation, and it did have a good, long 12-year run. But it’s been five years since the show ended, and aside from a run on Animal Kingdom, star Emily Deschanel has laid relatively low since then. She’s back top-lining a series, this time a cult-themed thriller on Netflix. Dr Suzanne Mathis (Emily Deschanel) is a psychiatrist at a hospital in Remmingham, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland. She and her family lead busy lives, and when she’s called in early one morning to see an unidentified patient who isn’t talking, she has to dash out in the morning. Her real estate flipper husband Peter (Sam Jager), oldest daughter Helen and moody middle daughter Jules seem to be used to it, but youngest daughter Dani still gets upset. “Why is mom always working?” a downhearted Dani asks. “Because, she tries to save everyone,” says Jules. The patient at the hospital is the teen girl (Madeline Arthur) who was ran out of the house. She’s not talking, and has massive cuts on her back; she’s from neighbouring Amon County, where there is an isolated, Amish-like community. She’s obviously been through massive and ongoing abuse. She won’t even give anyone her name, so she’s dubbed “Lauren Trauma”. But Suzanne gets through to her, and she reveals that her name is Mae. When the hospital is about to discharge her, Suzanne decides to have her stay with her family until she can find Mae a foster home.

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