Saba Qamar

Congratulations team Green! What a wonderful match! Let's all not forget our flood victims and help them as much as we can, keeping them in your prayers also matters a lot. #PAKvIND

Saba Qamar is surely rejoiced with team Pakistan’s amazing victories in the 2022 Asia Cup but she also wants to remind everyone to help the victims of floods in Pakistan as much as we all can and to pray for them to make through this chaotic situation.

Zeb Bangash

This #WorldCleanAirDay, I’m pleased to share a song for Saafhawa… let's unite for our right to clean air! Listen, share, and play on repeat as you raise your voice for blue skies #Saafhawa, haq humara! @AirQualityAsia

On the International Day for Clean Air for Blue Skies, AirQualityAsia, a UN-based global advocacy group, released an inspirational anthem for the clean air movement for one of the most polluted hotspots on the planet, South Asia. The anthem, titled SaafHawa, reaches out to the wider South Asian citizens through evocative lyrics and music by some of the region’s celebrated music artists. And Zeb Bangash couldn’t be more proud to be a part of it.

Ushna Shah

Pakistan contributes to less than one per cent to the world’s CO2 emissions yet we are fifth most affected by climate change. Where is the accountability? There MUST be a carbon tax and right now it must be used to help Pakistan. #pakistanfloods2022

Ushna Shah is stating some facts in here. Pakistan who contributes to less than one percent to the world’s carbon dioxide emissions is facing the world’s deadliest urban flooding due to which thousands of lives are lost and it has caused havoc across the country. The actress emphasised that there should a carbon tax which must be used to help Pakistan in the current situation.