The Date from Hell

The Prince of Hell and Callie are back in The Date from Hell by Gwenda Bond, the sequel to Not Your Average Hot Guy. After averting the apocalypse in the first book, Callie and Luke want nothing more than to spend a romantic weekend together in Hell, but Lucifer has other plans. He tasks the lovebirds with tracking down Sean, a man with a wayward soul, and redeeming him. If they can make Sean a better person, Lucifer will let them make some improvements in Hell, but first they have to make their troublesome charge see the error of his ways.

Fool Me Once

Fool Me Once by Ashley Winstead is about a woman who has no interest in giving men a second chance to break her heart. By day, Lee Stone works for a women-run electric car company, and by night she's a woman who parties hard. Thanks to four major heartbreaks, Lee is wary of letting anyone get too close, which makes the reappearance of her ex Ben in her life inconvenient at best. But since Ben works for a liberal senator who could be instrumental in getting a clean energy bill passed, she has no choice but to face her ex for the good of her job.

Hotel Magnifique

Hotel Magnifique by Emily J. Taylor more than lives up to the hype surrounding it. This luscious fantasy novel is set in a magical hotel that appears in a different locale every morning. At the story's centre is 17-year-old Jani, who joins the hotel staff in hopes of escaping the tedium of her day-to-day life. But what starts out as an enchanted adventure soon evolves into something much darker as she learns that the hotel is full of dangerous secrets – and people – who could do her, her friends, and her sister harm if she doesn't find a way to bring down the dangerous maitre d'hotel.