When recruiters ask whether we have applied to or have been interviewed by other companies, how should we respond?

Tell them the truth and use other offers and interviews in your advantage. It’s up to the recruiter to help you find the best job possible. If they don’t have all the information, how can they help you the best they can?

When should you start considering finding a new job? When should I stop the job I currently have?

It depends on your career goals and the feeling that you have about your job and employer. You will know when you are ready to leave and when the opportunities at the company you are working for do not fit your ambitions anymore.

As a freelancer with a client that I’ve had over a year, how do I address that I want to raise my fee without hurting the relationship?

Separate the people from the problem. Be as clear and concise as you can. But be nice and do it with a smile. You have all the right to ask for a raise.

I want to work in a different industry. How do I show recruiters I have the right skills?

When the industry is different, it might be needed to examine the words you choose to describe your experience. Choosing the right wording can help you explain to recruiters that you have the right skills.

How can I build on my professional strengths?

Potential employers are likely to ask you what you consider to be your biggest strengths, and identifying these can also help you choose a career that you enjoy. One of the first steps to build on your strengths is to identify what you consider to be your professional strengths. Strengths may include things like research skills, communication, problem-solving abilities, teamwork, interpersonal skills and technical skills. Your career counsellor may help you uncover your strengths. Then, you can work together to evaluate specific steps that you can take to build on these strengths to pursue a career. If you are seeking employment, your counsellor may help you articulate these strengths for interviews.

How can I become a competitive candidate without job experience?

Some candidates worry about entering the job market with minimal or no job experience. If you consider academic programme involvement and volunteer programmes, you likely have more experience than you realise. Honesty is crucial, so as long as you are open about where and in what capacity you earned your experience, you can use volunteer programmes or student groups to demonstrate your skills.