We're here for Joe Jonas' sweet nod to Sophie Turner after his eye procedure

Joe Jonas is seeing things a little differently these days. That's likely because the Jonas Brothers singer recently underwent a surgical eye procedure to upgrade his nearsighted vision. Speaking exclusively with E! News, the singer described the entire process as "life-changing" and shared that the first person he was most excited to see without the use of his glasses was none other than his "beautiful wife" Sophie Turner. "But going on stage and playing for a crowd – and not having to deal with wearing glasses or contacts – was really cool," he noted as a close second, while promoting his EVO vision correction partnership. "That was a whole new experience that I never thought I would experience myself." As someone with a busy schedule, Joe Jonas was also glad that he didn't have to take much time off following the procedure. "The recovery is what was really exciting for me," he shared. "The fact that I'm able to, 24 hours after the surgery, walk back to the post-op exam, looking at things and I'm not wearing my glasses? I just couldn't believe that that's actually a thing!"