Quantum Leap's action-packed first trailer has been released

NBC is once again taking viewers on a journey through time. The network debuted the first trailer for Quantum Leap on Sept. 8, and much like the beloved '90s television show, the continuation looks to be filled to the brim with action. In the trailer, we meet physicist Ben Song (Raymond Lee), who's suddenly found himself in the year 1985 – and in someone else's body. But before he can even attempt to understand what's happening, he realises that he's in the body of a getaway driver for a group of robbers who are now running toward him as a bank's alarm sounds. With them is Addison Augustine (Caitlin Bassett), who quickly informs Ben that she's a hologram from the future. "Your name is Dr Ben Song. You're from the year 2022," Addison says once they make it out of the heist unharmed. "You are the lead physicist on a top-secret project called Quantum Leap. You're a time traveller." The trailer goes on to offer a sneak peek at Ben's other leaps to come.