A murder mystery series set against ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ is coming to Peacock

On Sept. 9, the NBCUniversal streamer landed a "darkly comedic murder mystery anthology series" titled The Show Must Go On. Each season will take place in the days leading up to a major live televised event – and the first just so happens to be a fictitious version of the world-famous musical, The Phantom of the Opera. For the first time in history, the iconic musical will be used as part of a television series. Season one is set behind the scenes during a fictional staging of the musical. Per the Peacock project's logline, The Phantom of the Opera's cast and crew will have to not only put on a giant live production of the beloved musical, but also contend with "endless production problems, warring stars, mounting network pressures, and, oh yeah, the gruesome and untimely death of one of the leads." The television series is the latest accolade achieved by The Phantom of the Opera, which has been seen by over 135 million people in over 181 cities worldwide. The award-winning musical also holds the record for the longest running show on Broadway.