Instagram now begins testing its new feature known as ‘reposts’


Instagram now is testing a new feature that mimics other social networks. TechCrunch reports that Instagram confirmed tests of “reposts” to bring someone else’s content onto your own timeline. It’s similar to Twitter’s retweets or the kind of reshares that are common on Tumblr and Facebook and are also in testing on TikTok. TechCrunch writes the “repost” feature was spotted by a social media consultant who posted images in a Twitter thread. Sharing someone else’s post for your own followers to see isn’t completely new for Instagram users. Users have been able to share public posts for their followers but only to their Instagram Story or through direct messages. Now, the test would let users share a post on their feeds without having to screenshot it and repost it or go through another source. Now it’s pushing the buttons to share to Snapchat, Messenger, or WhatsApp ahead of direct-to-DM sharing, which is, again, similar to TikTok’s approach. Instagram rolled back a test shifting the app toward an AI-powered feed of full-screen pictures and video – but isn’t giving up on the effort.