Fahad Mustafa

Congrats to @wasimakramlive on his new memoir! The importance of such books and memoirs shouldn’t go amiss so the new generation can get to know their icons up close and personal. Can’t wait to read it all!

Ushna Shah

Dear men, if a female friend isn’t responding to your flirtatious comments and is pretending to be oblivious to them, it is to give you a hint without damaging your friendship. Have some class about you and take the hint instead of amplifying the flirt and making her more uncomfortable.

Shaniera Akram

With the overwhelming number of dengue and water borne diseases, flood affected children are coming from all over Pakistan. Help us help them and donate to the NICH trust, where every single rupee goes to life saving treatment for children in Pakistan. Your help means lives saved.

Junaid khan

A big thank you to Mr Masoud al Hammad and @DubaiPoliceHQ for granting me the Esaad Card. It was indeed a pleasure meeting you all. #dubaipolice

Azekah Daniel

This is a sad black day for us!! 70 years as the head of the Church of England, the longest reigning Monarch and Queen to all Protestants, passes away. Leaving behind mourners all around the world. Rest in Peace our beloved Queen. #QueenElizabethII