Someone said to me today: “It is heartwarming to see how we are united as a nation in the times of this natural catastrophe, imagine how we could prosper as a country if we worked together like every day, for the betterment of Pakistan!” - That did hit me! #PakistanFloods2022

Urwa Hocane got deeply hit by a statement which said that it is extremely amazing to see people coming together in times of natural disasters that badly effected out country, realising that if we come and work together for the betterment of Pakistan like this every now and then, our country would prosper like anything.

Momina Mustehsan

#FloodsInPakistan should not become political. We ALL need to work collectively. Donate anywhere you deem appropriate - collaboration and coordination between government, non-government, private sectors and volunteers is CRUCIAL to manage disaster relief efficiently and effectively.

Momina Mustehsan conveyed that the devastation flood situation in Pakistan shouldn’t become political. She urged that we all as a nation should work together and the people should donate wherever they think is right without getting biased by any political affiliation of any organisation that is helping on the ground doing relief efforts for the victims.

Iqra Aziz

Thank you so much for this nomination. This project is indeed very close to my heart because my baby was a little part of this project and it’s the most beautiful story. Hoping to see you all soon at the awards in Toronto, Canada. KEEP THEM VOTES COMING!!

Iqra Aziz expresses her gratitude as she gets a very well deserved nomination for her most critically acclaimed drama serial Raqeeb Se, which according to her had the most beautiful story. She’ll be attending the awards night in Toronto and also asked her fans to vote for her.