Is walking enough exercise?

If you're looking to get fit and healthy, walking alone might not be enough. It really depends on your baseline as to whether walking is enough exercise. If you're new to exercise, then yes it may be. But the general guidelines recommend resistance training two to three days a week once you've built up a baseline to protect your muscle mass and bone mineral density over time too.

Can you gain muscle while working out without a diet plan?

You can gain muscle without a specific diet plan while you're working out, but you'll see much more success and gain more lean muscle if you eat well too. You need enough calories and an even distribution of protein throughout the day to facilitate muscle growth.

If you are fasting, should you work out when eating or fasting?

If you want results from your training, you're far better off training during your 'eating' window. For example, if you're doing the 16:8 (fasting for 16 hours and eating for just eight), you should train during those eight hours to get faster, fitter and stronger.

What are the best and healthiest on-the-go breakfast options?

Some of the our favourites include yoghurt, fruit and nuts, a latte with boiled eggs and a piece of fruit, or sourdough toast with cottage cheese and tomatoes. The ideal thing to do with breakfast is you should get some protein into the meal, whether that is in the form of eggs, nuts or nut butters or oats. This is what will keep you from reaching for a biscuit come 11am.

What are your tips on maintaining your weight?

Once you've achieved a weight loss goal, the hardest part can be maintaining your success. Maintenance is about consistency. After weight loss, slowly add back in calories over a few weeks, but keep your behaviour consistent. If you're losing weight but want to maintain, the most important thing to do to keep your weight is add extra healthy fats to your diet or slightly reduce your workouts.

Is low carb a good tool for fat loss?

When it comes to fat loss, instead of going low carb specifically, you should try to eat in a calorie deficit. The best tool for fat loss is a calorie deficit, so if low carb helps you stick to a deficit easier, then it will help. If you're active, it might make it harder. Reducing refined carbs helps but wholefood carbs in the right amounts are important for the majority of people.