What did your room look like when you were a kid? We're guessing not exactly like these colourful, creative, and undeniably cool spaces. The bedrooms of these uber stylish children are lessons in judicious editing, inspired ideas, and damn good taste. Looking for something more specific? Check-out our great ideas for decorating boys’ rooms, girls rooms, and baby nurseries.

A Toy Story

Arrange a collection of vintage and contemporary toys and superhero figures on the shelves above your son’s bed. Attach a boldly striped fabric to the wall that serves as the headboard.

Pastel Panache

Here the bunk beds and walls are painted in beautiful shade of blue, the throws and Moroccan rugs adds further charm to it.

Red, Yellow and Blue

Make your boys' bedroom colourful taking inspiration from here. The bright red, continental wallpaper adds a new dimension to the room.

Subtle Safari

This kids’ bedroom has a Kenya theme complete with custom built-in bunk beds set off with an orange and white striped rug and a blue dresser.