Parents of baby hand out 'thoughtful' note to fellow passengers aboard a flight

  • 24 Sep - 30 Sep, 2022
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A passenger flying aboard a plane was touched after receiving a "really thoughtful" note from parents travelling with a young baby, letting them know in advance that their little one might get a bit noisy. Written from the perspective of seven-month-old Hugo, the note came with a handful of sweets and some handy earplugs.

The note explained how it was Hugo's "first-ever flight", adding, "I might get a bit scared or my ears might hurt". It goes on to encourage fellow passengers to enjoy the sweets and to use the headphones "if I get a bit noisy", concluding, "I'll do my best to sleep for the whole flight!"

Taking to Reddit, the impressed passenger wrote: "Some parents can be really thoughtful to others. I just sat down on the plane and they handed each of us this."

Other Reddit users have also praised the parents for thinking of their fellow passengers, with one person commenting: "I don't mind a crying baby or an antsy toddler but what I do mind is parents who clearly don't care that their kids are turning into demon hell spawns that need an exorcism. Parents like these guys in the post are amazing and they deserve every good thing that can happen."

Another said: "I think that’s a very nice gesture. I know it can’t be easy travelling with sprogs but it shows that they are thinking of others."