Hadiqa Kiani and Omair Rana’s upcoming drama Pinjra is a tribute to the late Asma Nabeel

An ode to the writer

Upcoming drama Pinjra, starring Hadiqa Kiani, Omair Rana and Aashir Wajahat, honours the late screenwriter Asma Nabeel’s work who also wrote scripts for hit dramas such as Khuda Mera Bhi Hai and Khaani. The show’s plotline deals with the subject of parenting. Rana shared the teaser on his Instagram account captioned, “Nothing is greater than the responsibility of raising a child. Here we go. The next one to hit the air soon.” He added that it was an ode to Nabeel with the help of a great ensemble cast that includes Kiani, Sunita Marshall, Wajahat, Zhalay Sarhadi and “more of the greats” to be revealed in other teasers, “especially the lovely kids”. The show is directed by Najaf Bilgrami and produced by Shazia Wajahat under the banner of Showcase Productions. The first look at the drama introduces the family and the voiceover by Kiani seems to suggest that though all kids are supposed to be equal in their parent’s eyes, it doesn’t always end up being that way. And despite the mother wanting her kids to fulfil their dreams unlike herself, there is visible tension in the family as there’s screaming, smashing things and discord around the end of the clip.