European Psychological

Thrillers Part 2
  • 01 Oct - 07 Oct, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Fiction

‘Outside your hotel room, I’m waiting for you.’

‘Okay wait, I’m coming…’

I ended the call and made another phone call to Linda. I knew she would not answer so I decided to keep on making the phone calls until she would reply. As I made my first call, my call was canceled. Then I made another call after which she had switched off the cell phone. I again made a phone call and this time her number was powered off. I got furious thinking why was my wife avoiding my calls, even though she loved me very much.

Few minutes later, as I reached there at my hotel, I found Clark waiting for me outside. And then after stepping out of my car, I rushed towards him and said:

‘Hi Clark! I’m so sorry but today you can’t be my guest…’

‘Calm down, can you tell me what’s going on? Why are you in such a hurry?’

‘There’s this girl, and I have to go with her…’

‘Okay so, can I come along with you?’

‘Why not?’ Petunia said coming from behind.

‘Oh, thank you madam,’ he said turning around towards her.

I didn’t like this at all, as I wanted some privacy with Petunia but I couldn’t refuse. So, now we all were going together for a tour. So, I just asked Clark to do the driving, so I could share some personal talks with Petunia on the back seats.

We finally reached a park where three of us could share some time walking and talking together. I was not enjoying at all so while walking at this park, I again felt that strange sort of headache. While I was holding my forehead, I collapsed on ground. Clark and Petunia leaned down for me. Petunia kept my head on her lap Clark examined me and said:

‘He’s not taking his medicines properly.’

‘I just got to know as I was told about his accident,’ she said to him.

Strange sort of soreness was giving me itches on my head. I was not feeling comfortable here so I opened my eyes and said:

‘Please, let’s just leave this place….’

Then, after a while my pain gradually decreased and after recovering from my condition and regaining a little of my health, we sat back in my car and we went to some other place.

That night as I dropped both of them to their respective places, I went straight back to my hotel and parked my car outside. I took out the petrol container andfilled the petrol in my car.

After going to my room at late night, I made a direct phone call to my wife but the number was busy. So I angrily kept aside my cell phone. I took my medicine and went to sleep.

The Day when Everything went Wrong

Next morning,

as I woke up just like every other day, I was unaware of what was about to happen with me today. I ordered my breakfast and got dressed up. I picked up my brief case and files, and left for work.

As I reached downstairs, I sat inside my car and tried to turn on the engine, but it wasn’t starting. When I checked the indicators, the petrol was empty. I got surprised and realised that someone might have stolen it because I had filled the petrol last night. I locked my car and saw the watchman walking next to me. I thought of asking him but as I was getting late for work so I just left my place and went on a bus.

An hour later, while I was at the staff room of my school, one of the peons came to me and said:

‘Mr Morton, can you listen to me the principal has called you in his office…’

‘Okay, I’m coming…’

A minute later, I reached outside his room and knocked. He said:

‘Come in!’

I entered inside and walked towards his desk. He seemed to be quite in distress. I said to him:

‘Yes sir? You called me?’

‘Graham it’s my painful duty to tell you this but it is my final decision that I’m firing you from this job.’

‘Firing?’ I asked getting surprised and angry. ‘Excuse me, are you talking to me?’

‘Mind your attitude!’

‘It can be worse if you don’t tell me what are you up to?’

‘I have a better replacement against you, and listen, you are to resign right now.’

‘To hell with you and your job,’ I said kicking hardly on his desk.

I angry left the room slamming the door creating a heavy sound.

On my way, Danny came in front of me and asked:

‘What happened Graham?’

‘Move out of my way,’ I said angrily pushing him aside.

I took my stuff and left the school. I went towards the gate and made a phone call to Petunia and there was no reply. I made exactly five calls and there was no answer at all. I felt that the situation was just like that of Linda’s. So, I sort of diverted my mind and decided to make a final call to Linda and if she wouldn’t reply I would go straight to my home where she was staying. As I made my call, this time she replied, and in a harsh voice,

‘What is it Graham?’

‘Hello Linda,’ I said getting stunned on her reply, ‘what the hell is going on with you? Why aren’t you attending my calls?’

‘You unfaithful stupid man! If you make one more call, I’ll order my boyfriend to kill you. I’m warning you don’t irritate me again.’

‘Boy friend? Kill me? Me unfaithful?’ I asked questions getting totally confused.

She just disconnected the call.

I ended my call as well and got totally surprised and confused. I began talking to myself:

‘Linda’s got a boyfriend? And how did she come to know about my affair…I think Petunia is up to something.’

I began to walk and reached a restaurant nearby. As I sat inside, I was continuously thinking about what was happening with me. Thinking too much with pressure, I began to feel that soreness once more. So, I just drank a glass of water.

A waiter came to me and asked:

‘What can I get you sir?’

‘Fish food,’ I hardly said.

Taking the order, he left. I was feeling very strange and distressed. So I took out my cell phone and decided to make a phone call to Clark. But first I had my lunch, quite earlier than usual time. After I finished my lunch, the waiter came and kept the bill on my table, and went away. As I checked my pockets, my wallet was nowhere in my pockets. I checked my brief case as well and it wasn’t inside it either. I got more tensed and realized that my wallet was stolen. Then I talked to myself once more:

‘What’s going on with me today? First the petrol was stolen, then I was fired from school for no strong purpose, then Petunia sort of dumped me and then Linda had a quarrel with me. And now my wallet’s stolen.’

I kept my watch on the table instead of money and left the restaurant, without letting anyone notice me.

That evening, around six o clock while I was sleeping in my room, Clark’s phone call disturbed my sleep and I woke up. I answered his call:

‘Hello Clark, I was thinking about calling you today!’

‘What happened Graham? You sound quite troubled… is everything alright?’

‘I am, because everything today is going on as if it’s not supposed to…’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Look, first my car’s petrol was stolen, and then I got fired from job. After that Petunia was not answering my calls and Linda sort of discovered about my affair.’

‘Hold on! You got fired? And Linda answered your call today?’

‘Yes and she said that she would order her boyfriend to kill me.’

‘Kill you? What the hell are you saying? Anyways, did anything else happened?’

‘Yeah, my wallet has been stolen or lost.’

‘How much money did you lose?’ he asked.

‘I don’t know, I just need to see you Clark, right now.’

‘Oh, I’m so sorry, I’m engaged in a work. I can’t leave home right now, but if you can come easily, you may…’

‘Okay, I’m coming…’

I ended his call and immediately left my place.

While I was on my way to get the taxi, I rushed towards the road and stopped a cab. But another car almost hit me, while I was on the road. I just fell on ground but didn’t get hurt. This seemed natural to me, because I was on the mid of road. Without quarrelling anyone I just sat on the cab and left for Clark’s home.

As I reached outside his building, I began to walk inside but two girls called me from my left:

‘Sir, can you come here please?’

I looked at them and without thinking of anything I went towards them. As I went closer, the girls threw their black coffees on my white shirt. Doing this they walked away outside. I got more conscious and again realized that this was something that happened because of no purpose.

However, I continued walking towards Clark’s home and stayed there for two hours telling him what incidents happened with me today.

Next Two Days

Next morning as I woke up, I decided to go outside and book another hotel for my stay. I went towards my car and I opened the trunk of my vehicle and took out the petrol container. As I was filling the petrol, I felt the height of my car shorter than usual. When I examined my vehicle, I found that all the four tires had burst. I immediately realized that today also something was going to happen like it shouldn’t. Then I went towards the guard and asked him:

‘What the hell are you guys doing here? My car’s getting busted and you are taking no action.’

‘Sir, I was here all night, I saw no one around your car.’

‘I know really well that you are involved in this, just wait and see how I sue you people.’

Saying this, I left him and walked on foot to a bus stop. On my way, I made a phone call to Petunia. She answered my call:

‘Hello, Graham!’

‘What is it with you Petunia? I’ve been trying to call you and you’re not answering my calls.’

‘Look Graham, forget whatever there was between us. I’m no more interested in you so please just don’t call me again.’

‘What? Why?’

She just disconnected the call. I got distressed and stood at the bus stop. As the bus came, I left for another town.

As the bus dropped me, I went towards the hotel, which was on a very vacant street. From my left, two criminal boys came on my left and showed me their pistols,

‘Give us whatever you have…’

I took out my wallet and cell phone, and gave them both the items.

When they left me, I got angrier and kicked the trashcan in front of me. Then I went back home on foot. I was again feeling that strange headache in my head and continued walking.

This day didn’t go worse than yesterday but I had lost more money than yesterday along with my cell phone. And I was prepared for what was about to happen the upcoming day.

Next day, which can be claimed as the third day, I woke up and took out money from my savings and went downstairs. As I went downstairs outside the hotel, all the glasses and mirrors of my vehicle were busted. I understood at once that today also things were about to get worse. I didn’t care to talk to the guards and instead began walking towards another town.

As I reached the hotel, I went inside and talked to the receptionist:

‘I need to book a room here for a stay over…’

‘Sorry sir, but you are not allowed here.’

‘Excuse me!’ I asked getting furiously surprised.

‘Please sir, you may leave just now…’

Two guards came from behind me and said:

‘Sir, you’ve been asked to leave….

Please listen to us…’

to be continued...