Jemima Goldsmith

Adnan Syed is FREE after 23 years in prison. This is Adnan here with his wonderful mother, Shamim and family friend @rabiasquared. Adnan would likely have remained in jail for life, were it not for this superhero in the red hijab and her relentless pursuit of justice.

Adnan Siddiqui

His English language skills may not be “impeccable” according to some snobs but his cricketing talent is unparalleled. @iNaseemShah, we love you.

Ushna Shah

While everyone is busy obsessing over famous people’s relationships, nobody is reporting the heinous act of a dog rescue shelter being mercilessly attacked in Lahore. 90% of the dogs, mothers and puppies included killed, brutally with bricks and poison! FIR refused by police.

Fifi Haroon

Aima trolled for her Sia/Ariana Grande look. Aima trolled for FBR investigation. Aima faces backlash for wearing an Imam Zaamin. Aima's break up and what not occupies a whole nation. Just leave the girl alone!

Nadia Jamil

What a powerful play. Asking the questions that need to be asked. Telling the story that needs to be told today. Beautifully. Raw, passionate and political. #Antigone is not to be missed. And should go on and on and on.