What are the essential daily skincare steps we should all be sticking to?

We think skincare should be as simple as possible. A good skincare regimen starts with cleansing your face with the right soap for your skin type. Greasy skin should be dried up with a special soap, while you should moisturise dry skin. Then, you should apply a good hydrating cream, keeping in mind which consistency you need for your skin type, followed by a sunscreen, which shouldn’t be greasy or fluid. You should apply your anti-ageing creams at night and they should contain either glycolic acid or retinol, because of their rejuvenating effects.

What is the biggest mistake women make when it comes to skincare?

The biggest one you can make is to hydrate the skin more than necessary. By going through the extra-hydration, the skin becomes greasier and more prone to pimples. That is why we are seeing more and more women older than 40 years old suffering from acne breakouts and infected pimples.

What are the worst skincare mistakes you could possibly make?

The worst skin care mistake is not wearing sunscreen and getting sunburn. Another common mistake is using fragranced products if you have eczema.

Is there a correct way to wash your face and if there is – what is it?

Use a gentle cleanser, and lukewarm water and pat dry. With oily skin, a double cleanse is sometimes needed. Don’t use soap on your face as this reduces the skin barrier and avoid wipes to remove makeup as these also frequently irritate the skin.

What are the signs that we should stop trying to fix skincare problems ourselves and get help from a professional?

We would recommend that anyone who is bothered by their skin on a daily basis should make an appointment to get professional help. The skin outbreaks don’t have to be severe to warrant seeing a dermatologist. The most important thing to consider is what impact it is having on your confidence. It is often underestimated the effect that skin problems have on quality life. A lot of people jump from one product to another and can often be using products which make their skin worse.