Meri Shehzadi Diana

  • 01 Oct - 07 Oct, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Reviews

Urwa Hocane starrer Meri Shehzadi Diana makes a decent entry this week. Written by Zanjabeel Asim Shah and directed by Qasim Ali Mureed, the drama has an ensemble cast including veterans like Qavi Khan, Shamim Hilaly, Shabbir Jan, and Nauman Masood.

The first episode gives a brief insight into the lives of the main characters. It is a story of an orphan girl, Dania, who opens her eyes to a political family. Her mother dies while giving her birth and her father remarries some other woman. Dania now lives with her nana and nani who are always on a mission to bring happiness to her life. Her father pays a visit once a year on her birthday (that too with his second wife) so technically there is no bonding between daughter and father.

The story moves at a fast pace in the first episode with some quick developments – Dania gets invited to her father’s home at a political party where her aunt (Atiqa Odho) bashes her for no reason. Aunt’s misbehavior doesn’t go well with Dania’s nani and she retaliates with her warning phone call to Atiqa Odho’s husband (Shabbir Jan). Her words hit him hard and he gets a heart attack while on the phone. Now how will the story unfold we have to wait for the next episode.

Coming to the performances, all the veterans are the stars here. Qavi Khan and Shamim Hilaly have stolen the shows with their balancing acts – the shift from responsible guardians to amusing grandparents is a delight to watch. Shabbir Jan and Nauman Masood look controlled and poised as politicians.

As far as the new lot is concerned, drama hero Ali Rehman’s presence is limited to a few scenes. However, Urwa Hocane gets attention with an entire plot revolving around her, unfortunately, she fails to leave a mark. With the same expressions in each scene, we can’t relate to her in any scene. We hope that she works on her expressions to do justice to her role.