Balcony decoration ideas that work like a magic wand

When it comes to utilisation of space, nobody in the entire world could be as economical as us. But let us spend a moment to think if we are compromising taste for the sake of economy. While balconies serve perfectly to hang a clothesline, chat with neighbours and store all the junk, it is also the part of the house that is in full view of everybody. And believe it or not, people do judge books by their covers. Here are some simple balcony decoration ideas that would make your balcony as beautiful as the rest of your house:

Go nature’s way

In the hustle and bustle of a city, a green spot could be hard to find. Why not make your green spot in the space that is your balcony? It is rather simple to do. All you need are lots and lots of green plants potted innovatively — you can explore options like a tin can, and cold drink plastic bottles cut half from the top.

Canopy never gets old-fashioned

Giving your balcony a royal touch with a little square mattress, velvety cushions, and a small canopy is one of the most innovative apartment balcony ideas. Covering the rest of the floor with a simple carpet in shades like red, blue and green is a great balcony design idea too.

Minimalistic, but elegant

Planning a balcony interior design is tricky. You cannot go into a lot of elaborate details owing to factors like dust and lack of space. If you are facing such problems, need not worry. Less is more.

Bring out the delicate you with this modern balcony design idea for which all you need is a chair, a small tea-table, and a pretty little rag. Arrange the chair with the table in a corner and the rag in the next.

Your personal picnic spot

How about a balcony makeover which makes it a small picnic spot? Impossible, you think? Try this out — hang a hammock from one end of your balcony to the other and pop some cushions on it.