A Greggs fanatic is attempting to make history by eating the most sausage rolls in half an hour

  • 08 Oct - 14 Oct, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Mag Files

John Dawes – who even has a themed tattoo to show his love for the bakery chain – managed to eat 21 meat-filled pastries in 30 minutes during his Guinness World Record bid, which is expected to bag him a new record. The 43-year-old – who visits Greggs every morning for a latte and sausage roll – scoffed more than five pounds of sausage meat and had nearly 7,000 calories in meat and flaky pastry. The Amazon driver from Billingham, Teesside, sat before a stack of 48 sausage rolls last week – managing nearly half – and has since got a new tattoo. John said: "I've always loved sausage rolls, after swimming as a kid I always used to have one with tomato sauce and they just remind me of my childhood. So doing a sausage roll challenge has been on my radar since I started competitive eating. "I'm a huge fan of Greggs and have been going as long as I can remember, I even started buying sausage rolls and steak bakes in bulk because I just loved eating them so much. "The challenge got difficult after number 17 when I started to feel a bit stuffed.