5 Fascinating swing chairs in the living room

Swings are probably every child’s happy place. And we doubt you’ll ever see an adult of any age frown while relaxing in a swing. Bring that feeling into your home by designing a swing corner for some cozy quality time with yourself, whenever you want!

Let us take you through some of our favourite swing chair designs for your living room.

Matte & Metallic

An ode to modern design, metallic swings with colourful cushions are both open and cozy at the same time. Add a small rug below it and a lamp that can illuminate your dreamy corner and enjoy a good read or a cup of hot chocolate every evening!

Sack Swings

If you love house plants but with a minimal approach, going for an all white design might just be the perfect match for you. While the white and greens add a calming touch to the living room, the bohemian sack swing adds to the comfort you wish for. You can also add a cushion in a solid pastel hue to add some colour to the space.

In Tassles

If bohemian is the design theme you’re sporting in your home, a tassel swing might just be the right pick for you. Best in neutral shades, you can add a printed cushion on the swing to make it more comfortable while adding a subtle pop of colour to the space. Matching the shape of the swing, the circular hand-woven rug makes this corner cozier without disrupting the earthy tones of the living room.

Wooden & Bohemian

This swing takes up very little space in the living room while successfully giving you a section that spells pure joy. You can add a rug below it and a table to make this section functional for a fun time by yourself or your loved ones.

Swing for a Couch

For a living room with limited space, using furniture that is compact is of utmost importance. Instead of going for large L-shaped couches, you can let a two-seater sofa and a swing replace the need for an armchair.