• 08 Oct - 14 Oct, 2022
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Guddu is a Pakistani social soap opera television series on Geo TV, produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi under their production banner 7th Sky Entertainment. It features Fatima Effendi, Ali Abbas, Falak Shehzad, Sohail Sameer in lead roles. The script is penned down by Rukhsana Nigar and directed by Irfan Aslam.

Uncertainty and doubt are two elements that are bound to disrupt the foundation of any loving relationship. Guddu is a story of certain relationships that are fuelled by the fire of doubt.

Nayab is a young woman who along with her son Guddu leads a blissful and happy life. Despite living away from her husband Ibad, Nayab has never complained about any discomfort. Living in harmony with her in-laws, Nayab is close to her sister-in-law Sidra and both of them share a relationship of love and respect. Soon the arrival of Ibad brings a new wave of happiness for the whole household while an uncertain difficulty arises for Nayab. In efforts to help Sidra overcome a situation, Nayab’s naive nature and Ibad’s mistrust in Nayab leads to unfortunate circumstances. As their relationships begin to weaken, people close to them disappear as well. Amidst an increase in differences between Nayab and Ibad, what does the future holds for Guddu? Will Nayab be able to defend herself and prove her innocence? Will Ibad and Nayab be able to provide a loving and secure life to Guddu ahead?