Natasha Noorani drops her new pop song named Laiyan

Just dropped

Every creative artist leaves their signature in the work they produce and music is no different. Natasha Noorani’s infusion of iconic Pakistani pop references from the past into today’s sound, all injected with her personal style, is what her latest release Laiyan too represents. Laiyan is taking on a troupe of Pakistani music everyone has heard like laiyan laiyan me tere naal dholna – it is not the same song but the purpose of the song, the way it’s written, is to take little elements from Pakistani pop music culture including laiyan laiyan, lambi judaiyan,” she told a publication. “These are phrases that I’ve used in the song but I’ve tried to flip them in a way and create a new version, a new space for these very generic phrases to be used.” Laiyan has been produced by Talal Qureshi, who have been working together for years but only last year were they collaborated in person. “There’s a lot of overlap in his musical language and mine, and I think that I was able to find a space where I could develop melodies, write lyrics and develop music that was very relevant to me today.”