Radically Content

In a world that's constantly telling us that we're not enough, Jamie Varon's Radically Content is nothing short of revolutionary. Mixing elements of a memoir with an exploration of the industries selling the myth that only perfection can equal contentment, Varon offers readers an alternative to putting off satisfaction until some magical number of life achievements has been unlocked. Instead of waiting for your life to become perfect, the author serves up practical tools to help you find contentment in this moment by redefining success, learning to truly trust yourself, creating your own healing rituals, and living every day with intention.

The Return of Faraz Ali

A return home to cover up a crime leads one man on a quest to uncover his family's secrets in Aamina Ahmed's The Return of Faraz Ali. When he was just a little boy, Faraz's father had him abducted from his home with his mother and sister and hasn't been back since then. When his powerful father makes him the head of the Mohalla police station in order to cover up the gruesome murder of a young woman, Faraz begins to rebel. Instead of covering up the crime, he delves into it hoping he might gain some understanding about his family's past.

The Younger Wife

If you're looking for a juicy domestic thriller to dive into then The Younger Wife by Sally Hepworth is the book for you. In the novel, a heart surgeon named Stephen Aston is looking to marry a younger woman his daughters dislike. The catch is, their mother is not only still alive, but Stephen is seeking to divorce her at a time when she can't speak for herself. Now her daughters are the only advocates she has left with, and they're determined to uncover the truth about their prospective stepmother, along with the secrets their father is hiding.