#noormukaddam, many more hashtags, stories and now #sarainam – Stop exploiting women for their compassion! Another human has been killed by a man who are our protectors as per the societal narratives! These abusers are all around us, call them out, shame them loud, before it’s late!

Urwa Hocane is disappointed on the set societal norms and voiced her opinion of calling out the abusers and harassers who can be anywhere and everywhere. The authorities must act in order to control these horrific crimes.

Mehwish Hayat TI

The suffering of those affected by the floods is by no means over and they still need all the help we can give. Millions of lives are at risk due to lack of clean water and this problem requires a sustainable solution. @Pakvitae is providing portable filtration to the victims. This life saving product has saved over 300,000 lives affected by disasters and calamity. It provides a water purification solution at the most affordable cost. I request you all to support this initiative and help in saving lives.

Mehwish Hayat is one actor who is constantly supporting and highlighting the problems faced by the victims of catastrophic floods in Pakistan. She is now supporting a cause that would provide portable filtration solutions for purifying the water to the ones affected by this natural disaster.

Yashma Gill

This is despicable and extremely non-sensical. A woman is beaten up for feeding street dogs? We are supposed to encourage social activists, rather than belittling them.

Yashma Gill is totally shocked on the incident where a social activist was beaten up for feeding the stray street dogs. How low we as humans can stoop as every other day we witness horrible incidents occur showing how intolerant and ruthless human beings can be.