Benefits of working out with Resistance Bands

  • 15 Oct - 21 Oct, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly

Not only are they a perfect solution for a rigorous training session at home, but you can also take them with you on the go. Once you start using them, you’d be surprised to find the benefits of this simple exercising tool, such as convenience, versatility, effectiveness, and even safety.

Additionally, working out with resistance can prove astonishingly effective for you and your physique. However, the only catch is that you have to do it regularly. As we all know, exercise truly works when we make it a way of life rather than a vocational fun activity. Below, you’ll find the encouragement and benefits you will get while working out with a resistance band. Let’s get started:

Adapts to multiple fitness levels

One of the many good things about resistance bands is that they come in various resistance levels, ranging from light, medium or heavy. You can further enhance or diminish the amount of resistance during your workouts by giving it more or less slack. But if you are a highly trained professional who thinks resistance bands are not a good fit for you, try using multiple resistance bands to increase the challenge.

Workout for your whole body

Any specific muscle can use resistance bands on your body, or you can use them to strengthen a group of muscles in your body. For instance, you have a fitness goal in your mind, and that is to focus on your leg muscles. In that case, using resistance bands for squats can give your legs the training they need. Consequently, you get your legs in shape in a short time. Moreover, you can always try new and more exciting workout routines while using these bands, which open up many possibilities.

It can be used with other exercises equipment

You probably know that resistance bands are excellent workout gear in their own right, but you can also use them with other exercise equipment. So when you are performing bicep curls with a dumbbell and resistance band, you get the best of both worlds. This will help you grow muscles faster and more efficiently. However, make sure not to overdo it.

Workout on the go

Resistance bands could be your perfect traveling companion if you are on the go. They are small and portable and can easily fit inside your traveling bags. Moreover, with them, you’ll find plenty of space and time to get your daily dose of exercise in a small area of a hotel room.


Looking to try a resistance-band workout? Check out these moves to get started

Overhead Tricep Extension

Tie a small looped resistance band behind you in line with the middle of your shoulder blades.

Stand in front of it.

Reach overhead to grab the band. Keep your elbows by your ears, shoulders down and pull the band overhead. Slowly bend the elbows to lower the band back behind your head.

Lat Pull-Downs

Tie a resistance band to something higher than your head, like a doorframe.

Kneel and grab each end of the resistance band and face your palms away from you. Roll back your shoulders, engage your core, tuck your pelvis and relax your neck. Pull the band down so your hands end at shoulder height, around a 90-degree angle. At the bottom position, your elbow should be pointed to the ground. Slowly release upwards and perform again.