European Psychological Thrillers

  • 15 Oct - 21 Oct, 2022
  • Salaar Laghari
  • Fiction

The Real Person

Few moments later round the clock, Petunia anxiously left the place in a taxi and I was all alone with Danny by my side. I then saw someone in a vehicle that passed away very quickly, and it was none other than Alex, the guy who in front of me claimed to be my wife’s boyfriend. Then Danny led me to his own car, and I sat inside his car, where he was driving it and he then eventually

said to me:

‘Graham, I was wondering that what if Clark made himself die, then he might also take Petunia away from your life, as he said to you. Don’t you think so?’

‘No, there’s no need for you to worry about that now, because once a person passes away and dies, all his acts are then stopped there and then.’

We kept on talking about this for a while and meanwhile he finally drove me to my hotel.

As I stepped outside, I saw my car, which was in the same poor condition like before.

And so, without caring about anything else I went straight to my room and immediately slept as I was feeling much relaxed without even changing my clothes.

Three hours later, at about eleven o’clock of night I

woke up, and the first thing that came into my mind was nothing but about Clark’s death. As I sat on my bed, I immediately remembered Clark’s few words that he said:

‘…There’s a very important note kept inside the drawer of your side table, read it and don’t regret after reading it.’

So, I immediately opened my side table’s drawer and found the note, I read it:

Dear Graham,

I would like to give you a breaking and shocking news. You only killed me but I lied to you that I was behind every trouble of your life, you haven’t found the real person behind all these events that occurred in your life, because I’m not the person who was doing this all of this alone, I was doing this stuff on someone else’s commands. The real person behind all these problems is still alive and will continue this rivalry, but in an even worse way. I told you I’ll die which happened today, Petunia will be out of your life also and as I said before, DON’T REGRET, therefore, I repeat that don’t regret for getting me killed because I was the only person who knew the real person behind. Now, you have no source left to find him, but one clue is find N.3….. your old friend, Clark Hay.

After I had finished reading the letter, I felt extremely regretful as I had committed a blunder of getting Clark killed. I realised that my troubles and problems were about to continue and in even of worse conditions. I also understood that Clark was not taking

his revenge but someone

else was.

Now getting all stressed up,

I immediately made a phone call to Danny. He answered

my call:

‘Hello, Graham!’

‘Danny, we’ve done a really big mistake….’


‘We shouldn’t have killed Clark, because he wasn’t the real person behind all these problems.’

‘What do you mean to say that he wasn’t the person?’

‘I just found out about a note in my drawer, it says that the real person behind all these troubles was not Clark but someone else, somebody entitled N.3.’

‘You mean Clark was not the culprit that we were looking for?’

‘Yes and that unknown person is about to continue those troubles in even worse conditions.’

‘Oh, God! So, now what will you do?’

‘I’ve decided that I will be leaving for Austria along

with Petunia.’

‘Why Petunia?’ he asked.

‘Because I think I’m in love

with her…’

‘Oh! Can I help you with anything?’

‘I’ll let you know if I’ll need your help regarding this matter.’

‘Okay then,’ he replied, ‘will talk to you then, bye.’ ‘Bye!’

I ended my call with him and planned to get my tickets as soon as possible. I was awake, the whole night and just kept on reading that note continuously.

Threat to Life

Next morning, I was coming out from my hotel after having breakfast. I was prepared that bad events were about to take place today. I saw my car in a poor condition, and felt that if I find the harm done to it, I may get the ratio or idea of today’s upcoming troubles.

I started going towards it and I was almost two miles away from it, that all of sudden my car blasted in a bomb explosion. Its pressure was so powerful that I backed off and fell to the ground. Fire was all around my car as it was burning. Everyone created chaos and started running away for their life, but no one died. However, few people did get injured. I said to myself:

‘N.3. must be behind this. Who could he be?’

I realised that the troubles would be disastrous by now. So, I stood up and walked towards the bus stop nearby. A moment later, a bus arrived which was going on the route of an embassy office. As I was sitting on the seat, our bus had an accident, which didn’t cause much loss to our bus, but the guy on the other vehicle did get hurt. I realised that this was also an unknown person’s act, which perhaps failed to hurt me. So I left my bus, which was on the middle of road creating too much traffic.

I kept on walking, and after an hour, I reached the embassy. As I went inside, I asked one of the customer’s some details regarding the office, but as I showed him my passport,

he said:

‘What will you do with this? It’s expired, a year ago.’

He left saying this, I got a little confused and then realised that the unknown person had perhaps also reached this place and was not going to let me leave Berlin.

I understood that claiming it to be expired was act of that mysterious person behind all these troubles.

As I came outside, three gang members were waiting for me. I understood that they were about to take away my wallet. So, I took it out myself and gave it to them. One of the gang members snatched it from me. The other one gave me sharp blow on my face with his clenched fist. I fell on ground, three of them started beating me that I got badly injured and realised that these gangsters were doing this on one man’s order. They tore off my shirt and left me. They also took away my cell phone and my passport.

That evening after having lunch, I reached my hotel. I was quite injured with my shirt torn. I went to my room and realised that today’s incidents were quite like a threat to life. I was not at all concerned

with locating the person

behind all this, I was just thinking about escaping this place of rivalry, and except for suicide I had no other option. So, I decided to make a final phone call to Petunia. As I made a phone call:

‘Hello?’ she answered.

‘Hey Petunia, what’s up?’

‘Nothing… why did you call me?’

‘I want to tell you something… I’m really in love with you.’

‘So?’ she asked firmly, ‘Why should I care?’

‘Why should you care? I saved you from Clark and we were reunited, don’t you have any feelings for me?’

‘No! Not at all, I don’t want you in my life. Because of you I got kidnapped.’

‘Petunia, are you dumping me?’

‘Whatever you think it is…’

I disconnected the call and realised that things were really getting worse. According to Clark’s letter, Petunia was out of my life too. So instead of facing more troubles, it was better for me to commit a suicide. As I stood up to get poison from the bathroom,

I heard a kid’s voice from behind,


As I turned around getting a little scared, I saw my son Jerry. I got badly astonished, but happy and I hugged my son. I looked at him and asked him:

‘Jerry, where’s Mom?’

He didn’t reply my question and I felt for a moment that my son’s life must be in danger. The first suspect who came in my mind was Alex, who claimed himself to be my wife’s boyfriend. I felt that Alex might be aware of N.3. or maybe he himself was N.3.

The Current Year

By next morning,

I had changed my mind of committing suicide as I had a responsibility of looking after my son. I thought of finding the unknown culprit, but it was just like searching an invisible person.

So after getting dressed up,

I prepared to go to the passport office and order a new passport. As I was looking quite injured with scars on my face, so I felt a little uncomfortable going outside as everyone used to stare such people.

I went to my usual bus stop, but instead of a bus, I took a taxi and sat inside without seeing the driver. The driver was driving the vehicle very fast, above the speed limit of the road. I understood at once that this was also happening on the unknown person’s order. So I asked him straight,

‘For whom are you working?’

‘Excuse me?’ he replied with a familiar voice.

‘On whose order are you doing this, who is creating all these difficulties?’

He applied brakes and the vehicle stopped at the mid of road. He turned around, and he was Alex my wife’s boyfriend. I was quite stunned, but I didn’t show any such expression.

‘So Alex, you’re behind all this?’

‘No! But everything’s going on, on one person’s order and that one person is someone very unexpected.’

‘I know before getting me killed, he will show up,’ I replied with confidence.

‘Anyways, I wanted to give you something,’ he said taking

out an envelope and giving it to me.

‘It seems to be a marriage invitation,’ I said examining and opening the envelope.

‘I better leave,’ he said immediately jumping out of the taxi.

As I read the invitation my wife Linda’s name was mentioned as bride and Alex as the groom. I got badly astound and said to myself:

‘My wife’s getting married? No, I know this is just a planned act but not reality. I’m sure this is just another…’

‘Hands up!’ a police officer said to me, who was standing next to my door.

‘Step out of the car.’

I stepped out realising that things were actually getting worse but were all planned by someone.

Next moment, I was sitting at the detention room in police custody. I was quite worried but also irritated. Two police officers came along with a normal civilian and showed me a photograph of an unknown African person.

‘Do you know him?’ one of the officers asked.

‘No,’ I replied.

‘But you do know Dean?’

the officer said.

‘What is the case here?’

I asked getting annoyed.

‘The leader of your gang Dean killed this man Mr Carrey, this man standing here, has witnessed this crime taking place. And he says that you were also standing there with Dean.’

I chuckled looking at the civilian, who was pretending to be a witness.

‘This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard,’ I said looking into officer’s eyes.

‘We are not going to arrest you; we just want you to hand over your leader Dean.’

‘Oh God! You people are intolerable.’

The civilian got angry and came in front of me;

he showed me his wound

on his leg.

‘This is also intolerable. You shot me with your gun, do you remember?’

‘Do you have any proof?’

I asked him.

‘No, but…’

‘Well, Mr Morton,’ the officer said, ‘If your crime of shooting him would be proved, then you’ll also get confinement of few months. But right now we need Mr Dean.’

‘Now, shut up officer!’ I said standing up angrily, ‘I know there’s no Dean, and none of the crimes took place. You guys are all doing this shit on someone’s order. I know this is planned.’

The officers looked at each other making an absurd expression.

‘Anyways, we’ll let you go right now if you give us some information regarding Dean.’

I held my forehead tightly in frustration and decided to agree with them, by lying or giving false statements.

So I said:

‘Okay sir, I’ll hand him over

to you by next week.

I just have to locate him.’

‘Okay, you’ll be released

but you’ll have to come whenever…’

to be continued...