Does Jamie Lee Curtis want a Freaky Friday Remake with Lindsay Lohan?

Nineteen years after Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan starred as mother and daughter who switched places in Freaky Friday, Curtis was asked if she'd be down for a remake. Her answer? "Absolutely." And doesn't sound like it would be too hard to get the Everything Everywhere All At Once actress and Lohan back together again. Curtis elaborated, "Lindsay Lohan and I are friends. She texted me the other day, she's in Ireland making a television show." The actress, who shared her thoughts on a Freaky Friday reunion at a Mexico City stop on her Halloween Ends press tour, also noted that when she gets a text from a new number or someone who says they know her, she likes to ask a question just to be sure. Lohan's, she revealed, is about a specific moment from their movie: "What was the song that you and I were trying to learn the rap [that's] in the middle of the song while we were sitting in the car doing the scene while we were eating French fries?" "The answer is the Justin Timberlake song Like I Love You, Curtis revealed.