• 15 Oct - 21 Oct, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly
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A lot has happened in the story in a couple of weeks – Ujala got married to Rizwan. He was the same guy who used to follow her – but after marriage, his behavior toward his wife got changed. He turned into a scolding husband who didn’t have anything else to do but to pinpoint mistakes in his wife.

Bee Jee left this world for eternal peace – Kiran took advantage of the situation and created a scene at her funeral.

On the other hand, Zohaib tied the knot with Nawal. Although Kiran tried to create hindrances in their way but she didn’t get success in her plans. On the wedding night, Kiran complained that a lot of attention was given to the new bride whereas when she entered the house nobody asked her even about the food. Zarbab got irritated with her complaining nature and gave a deaf ear to whatever she was saying.

After marriage, Zohaib’s life turned into hell. Nawal wasn’t the kind of girl he would want to marry. On the first morning, he asked her to dress up considering the norms of his family but she didn’t listen to him. The misunderstanding between them affected their relationship – and as viewers, we could gauge that the marriage wouldn’t last for too long.

The drama lacks novelty and those predictable twists and turns are further ruining the tempo. It is high time that our drama makers should change their attention to these monotonous plots with no aim or message embed in the story. The story of a greedy girl has been told umpteen times and as far as this plot is considered it lacks freshness.