• 15 Oct - 21 Oct, 2022
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Geo Entertainment and Seventh Sky Entertainment's popular drama serial “Chauraha”, has finally come to an end. Written by Edison Idrees Masih and directed by Aehsun Talish the drama has several high and low points. Coming to low points first, you all must agree that it was unnecessarily dragged. The outcome would be more crisp and impactful if it was limited to fewer episodes.

The main plot of the story was interesting and unique. Kudos to the director for handling the plot like a maverick. I liked the fact our protagonist, Madiha Imam, was shown as a headstrong girl who emerged as a stronger person after what had happened to her. Acting-wise, the actress justified with her role and played it convincingly. I was glad to see Meekal breaking the image of a good guy and attempting a role that gave him margin to show his craft – and he did it pretty well too. Asad Siddiqui’s act was good too and we missed him in the last episode. We wished Arsal stayed with Zoya till the end.

In the last episode, it was shown that Zoya was shifted to Islamabad and living there all alone. She visited home on weekends. Junaid came back from prison and he didn’t want to face Zoya. However, one day they met. Zoya was going back to Islamabad and Junaid asked to drop her at the airport. On their way to the airport, Junaid apologized to Zoya and proposed to her to marry him. Astonished at the marriage proposal, Zoya turned down his offer. She asked her what would he do if he was at her place. The boy replied, “I would do the same”. The episode ended here and we were glad that Zoya refused Junaid’s proposal because in most of our dramas the bad guy eventually got the girl – and we didn’t want it to happen here.