Kala Doriya

  • 15 Oct - 21 Oct, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Reviews

Having a vibe of Chupke Chupke and Suno Chanda, Kala Doriya has been gaining a lot of attention from youngsters. Although the storyline and characters are familiar and the light-hearted touch has increased its appeal. Saima Akram Chaudhry has a knack for writing family-oriented plots having a rom-com angel – and viewers loved it. The cute banter of Osama Khalid Butt and Sana Javed amazed us. However, the current episode belonged to an old couple, Samina Ahmed and Khalid Anam. We felt bad for the poor couple who had to live separately at this age. In old age, a couple needs the support of each other at every step. All those beautiful moments that sometimes miss in the hustle of young life may be relived in the older part of life. Unfortunately, here dada and dadi didn’t have that wonderful opportunity. Dada had suffered from a minor heart attack and dadi went to see him in the hospital – it all didn’t go well with Munna(Farhan Ali Agha). He harshly reacted to it and even slapped Asfandyar for taking dadi out to the hospital. Dadi got furious at her son’s behavior and decided to leave the house. Realizing his mistake Munna apologized to her.

After that incident Asfand and Mahnoor had a serious argument at the university – as a result of it, they both got expelled from the university for a week. Their friends also become the victim of the fight. Asfandyar’s friend Gohar showed an inclination towards Mahnoor. He gave her notes and also helped with house chores. At present, Asfandyar didn’t have any issues with his relationship with Mahnoor – mainly because he didn’t have any feelings for her. Tough, in later episodes, their relationship may take a new turn – just like Saima Akram’s most of the dramas.

For now, we are enjoying watching the drama serial because there isn’t anything better airing on television than it.