Abu Dhabi-based mechanic from Pakistan becomes Mahzooz’s 29th multi-millionaire

  • 15 Oct - 21 Oct, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly
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Abu-Dhabi based machine mechanic has become Mahzooz’s 29th multi-millionaire after winning a whopping AED 10,000,000 in prize money at the 96th Mahzooz weekly draw.

Saad, an expat from Pakistan who has been living in the UAE for the past 9 years is the second Pakistani national who earns the title of Mahzooz multi-millionaire. The first top prize winner of AED 50,000,000, Junaid, also from Pakistan, was the first participant ever to earn such title. Since then, Mahzooz has made 29 multi-millionaires and has given away close to 300,000,000 in prize money. Currently, Saad lives in a shared accommodation provided by his employer. The 32-year-old winner has been a frequent participant of Mahzooz, purchasing bottles of water every week and his life seems to have drastically changed after matching five out of the five winning numbers. Saad was going for a night drive with his cousin and friends when he thought of logging in to his Mahzooz account to watch the draw. He was shocked to learn he had won AED 10,000,000, so he requested his cousin to stop the car in the middle of the desert to be able to fathom the situation. "I'm so happy. This unexpected gift came to me just when I needed it most, and I want to thank Mahzooz for making a difference in my life "Saad adds.

When asked how he intends to use the money, Saad said he plans to donate a portion of the win to the Pakistan flood victims, and he would like to use the rest of the money to bring his family to the UAE and start a business with his friends.