Elegant Ensembles

Glittery fabrics, bright colours and creative looks at festivals set the festival mood, but having the right style is very important for many festivalgoers. From playful embellished dresses to modish cuts, avid festivalgoers start getting their wardrobe ready well in advance. Festival outfits should not only match your own personality, but also be practical and hardwearing.

This is the only way that any day event fans can enjoy the festival whilst withstanding wind and sun. Here, we’ve got you all covered as we bring the following collection which is about festive outfits. You will also have some new inspiration to get your outfits ready before any of your big days. Having the correct festival outfit is an important feel-good factor.

From sequins to colourful combinations, and traditional ghararas to trendy cuts, these tried-and-tested looks will make you look very cool and put together at any event. These various festival styles are not only fashionable, but they are also practical.

These outfits allow you to create a layered look, which you can then adapt according to your event needs.

While colourful outfits have their own charm nobody can take the beauty away from the outfits that are in different shades of white, ivory, beige and dull golds with gold embellishments that enhances the overall look. Also, we’re so in awe of these nude pink flowy dresses.

The delicate embroidery picks up the look of these gorgeous outfits. Want to stand out? Opt for this bright orange coloured outfit to be on top of your fashion game.

The right choice of hairstyle, make-up, or accessories help to complete your look or add a personal touch, which is important at a festival. You are going to be well-prepared for your next festival if you take cues from these stunning pieces and put your outfits together wisely.

Coordination: Umer Mushtaq
Hair & Makeup: Wajid Khan
Designer: Zeshan Bariwala
Jewellery: Nadia Chottani
Photography & Styling: Yasser Sadiq