• 22 Oct - 28 Oct, 2022
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When you think of your favourite personal care beauty products, do any body-care products make the list? Or put it another way: Raise your hand if you’re always diligent with your face-care routine – applying only the best serums, moisturisers, and anti-aging products. (Us too!) But what about everything else that happens below the neck? The reality is, the rest of our bodies need love too. And that comes in the form of creams, lotions, sunscreens, soaps, deodorants, antiperspirants, and more.

For that reason, we have compiled a list of body care essentials that can become your skin savers and new go-tos. Keep reading for the best body-care products of 2021.

Best body wash: Olay Premium Body Wash (Hyaluronic Acid)

This antioxidant-rich body wash won us over with its perfumed scent, light yet creamy texture, and moisturising ingredients (shea butter and vitamin B3). You will love how soft and smooth your skin feels after emerging from the shower.

Best body scrub: Purely Elizabeth Lemon Lavender Coconut Sugar Body Scrub

A good body scrub packed with gentle exfoliating sugars, moisture-sealing emollients, and skin-soothing antioxidants always comes in handy when your skin needs a good sloughing or an extra hand pumping up the moisture. We singled out this Purely Elizabeth product for just that reason. Plus, we love how it leaves a moisturised, smooth barrier on our skin post-shower.

Best body lotion: Lord Jones High CBD Formula Grapefruit Scent

Aside from the yummy grapefruit scent, we are fixated on the consistency of this lotion, which isn’t too thin or too thick, but just right – and it absorbs quickly without leaving behind any residue. Also, its formula feels soothing, which may be tied to the calming properties of the hemp-derived CBD oil.

Best body oil: Bathing Culture Outer Being Face and Body Oil

Bathing Culture’s beautifully packaged oil was originally created just for the face, but they recognised that it can have benefits for skin all over your body. With a powerhouse blend of natural oils – jojoba, almond, marula, and more – this oil is a light yet moisturising treat for tired skin.

Best mineral sunscreen for body: bioClarity Sun Shady SPF 30

The light green tint of this mineral sunscreen may take a little getting used to, but we found that it ultimately blended into skin well, thanks to moisturising squalane and jojoba oils.

Best chemical sunscreen for body: La Roche-Posay Anthelios Melt-In Milk Sunscreen

La Roche-Posay’s Melt-In sunscreen formulas are already popular for their easy-to-apply texture. This new version bumps up the SPF all the way to 100 – without compromising on the texture that made the line famous.

Best body wipes: Type: A Deodorant Wipes

With a clean, crisp citrus-forward scent, these sweat-activated deodorant wipes will leave you feeling fresh after travel or a workout. Plus, they’re biodegradable.

Best antiperspirant: Secret Dry Sprays

We love how this dry spray deodorant smells great, and lasts too. It’s designed to keep you smelling fresh and help reduce sweat for up to 48 hours per wear. Bonus: Since this deodorant is a spray, you don’t have to worry about unsightly white marks on your favourite black ensembles, either.

Best deodorant: Schmidt’s Rose + Black Pepper Hemp Seed Oil Enriched Natural Deodorant

Formulated for sensitive skin, this fragrant deodorant uses notes of rose and black pepper to help neutralise odor. We love its pleasing scent as well as how the product applies smoothly without any residue.

Best hand cream: Love Beauty and Planet Divine Indulgence Hand Cream

Your endless search for the perfect hand cream is over. This pick from Love Beauty and Planet combines coconut milk, shea butter, and white jasmine for a luxurious experience at a drugstore beauty price point. We love the light fragrance and that, despite its rich texture, it didn’t feel sticky on our skins.

Best hand soap: Dial Pure Micellar Foaming Hand Wash

We were pleasantly surprised by this gentle foaming soap from Dial. It’s formulated with micelles, which cleanse gently without the need for too much scrubbing. After washing our hands, our skins felt noticeably softer than before. Plus, the bottles are made from 50

per cent postconsumer recycled plastics, so you can feel a little better keeping this product on your sink.