Emily Blunt is ready for all the bloodshed in The English trailer

Emily Blunt is in for a bloody good time. In an exclusive new trailer for the Prime Video upcoming series The English, the actress is embarking on a violent journey across the wild West. Blunt plays the aristocratic Lady Cornelia Locke, who joins Pawnee ex-cavalry scout Eli Whipp (Twilight's Chaske Spencer) for help crossing an 1890s United States to avenge the death of her son. But, as the trailer shows, this task isn't for the faint of heart. In one of the clip's first scenes, Whipp is about to be hanged and Cornelia can't do anything to stop it – until everything suddenly changes. "It was black magic!" Blunt's Locke exclaims. "Only this afternoon, you were tied up there. I was lying down over there. Both about to get killed. And yet, here we are, and it's everyone else that's dead." The upbeat trailer then depicts the lengths that the pair will have to go to take revenge – including lots and lots of shooting (which Whipp assures the privileged Locke she'll "have to" do). And throughout Whipp and Locke's journey, their destinies become more closely-bound than they had initially believed.