Add Personality to any room with these unique lamps

Once evening sets in, perfectly placed table lamps will fill your home with flattering, warm light.

It can be challenging to find unique and interesting decor that also suits your style. And items like unique table lamps can be especially difficult to find. This isn't to say that there aren't tons of cool lamps available, but if you want fresh, out-of-the-box ideas on where to find lighting, our latest issue is filled with must-have options. Whether your style leans more modern, or you just can't resist a midcentury piece, we've found statement table lamps that will give your place character. Below, you'll find standout lamps for every budget and aesthetic (you can even swap some of the lampshades with a playful topper). These recs include interesting shapes, bold colors, and playful details that pack a punch of personality into any room. And as a bonus, there are a few portable cordless picks! Place one on your dining table, in a pantry, or even outdoors (just remember to bring it in at night!). In short, there really is something for everyone here.

The Wavy Lamp

this 3D printed lamp brings all of the drama without the stress! You can even shop for other heat-resistant shades and bases.

Lynn Table Lamp

This midcentury dream will play up your side table with its ridged, fluted base.

Como Bedside Lamp

Rattan isn't just for beach houses — this petite lamp can easily fit in any coastal space, and the scalloped lampshade adds a fun design element without going overboard.

Lightbearer Table Lamp

The scalloped gold base and delicate hand base on this lamp is to die for. It has a vintage and romantic feel you'll swoon over.

Arintzea Table Light

A mixture of art deco and Basque design, this elevated mushroom- shaped lamp is a cordless gem for your living room. It will fill the room with a soft-white light while saving energy.