Google is now testing passkey support for Chrome and Android

Google announced recently that it has taken another step on the journey toward a password-less future by rolling out support for passkey login to Android and Chrome. Passkeys, which let you use your phone or computer’s built-in authentication systems instead of a traditional password, have support from all the major tech companies, with Apple, Google, and Microsoft pledging to bring the feature to their OSes. Essentially, passkeys are a credential stored on a device, like your phone or computer, that confirms to a website or application. While the feature is currently still mostly for early adopters, the stable launch coming later this year will let people log in to supported websites using their device’s fingerprint reader or other authentication factors instead of a password. Google made the passkey announcement in a post on the Android Developers Blog, addressed to both developers and device end users, who’ll be able to take advantage of the new feature in different ways. Now that all the platforms people use are starting to support passkeys, developers have the incentive and opportunity to make sure they actually work before the features are available to everyone.