Kinza Hashmi

A case that was so much highlighted in the media gets this judgement, and the criminal is free. I wonder what happens to the unknown cases every day? Why is it so hard to get justice in this country? Why are we OKAY with all this? #ShahrukhJatoi #justicerip


Making ‘I’m sorry’ part of one’s life shows maturity, contributes to growth, annihilates an inflated ego and exhibits REAL strength of character. I truly believe in it. Acknowledging mistakes does not make you weak. #Mythoughtoftheday

Frieha Altaf

Still gutted about the death of 36 in Thailand Nursery including 24 children. Senseless tragedy took me back to the tragedy in Army school in Peshawar. Deepest condolences and prayers to the ones hit by this tragedy. #ThailandMassacre #Thailand #Children

Haroon Rashid

The Legend of Maula Jatt is spectacular. Brilliantly entertaining. It’s not often a film of this scale lives up to expectations. This one exceeds them. Cinematic, theatrical - almost Shakespearean. I want to watch it again. Terrific job all round!

Anoushey Ashraf

Stood in line and begged for an hour and a half to get hold of 1200$. Needed all kinds of documents. Amazing how they’re keeping track like a hawk on MY hard earned (little) money while the corrupt have looted us bone dry. But my 1200$ MUST BE ACCOUNTED FOR. #DollarvsRupee