Saadhey 14th August concluded 100 performances

Anwar Maqsood made history

Theatre play Saadhay 14 August concluded 100 performances in Karachi on October 17, ‘22, thanks to the fervent support of the city’s ardent theatre enthusiasts. The play is set to break records in Islamabad starting on November 9 after receiving a great deal of love and acclaim in Karachi.

Scripted by Anwar Maqsood the theatre play has been directed by Dawar Mehmood of KopyKat Productions. Mohammad Ali Jinnah and Mahatma Gandhi, the leaders of the Indo-Pak Partition, are shown as being brought before a court to determine if the idea of partitioning India into two countries was beneficial to the Pakistan and India of today. The play's startlingly accurate depiction of Pakistan and India, which also addressed the political and social volatility both nations are experiencing, really got people to ponder and applaud the idea. Gandhi and Jinnah are sent to Kashmir, Lahore, New Delhi, and ultimately London to determine whether or not they made the right choice.