Viral video shows cat enjoying a 'spaw' day, Internet is jealous

  • 05 Nov - 11 Nov, 2022
  • Mag The Weekly
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Cat mom Fifi Furrha, along with her husband Kareem Khalil runs an Instagram account @dontstopmeowing for their cats. The cats have become internet stars and now the 'pawrents' have shared a new video of a cat enjoying a 'spaw' day. The viral video shows one of the cats, Chase enjoying a relaxing spa. The caption of the video reads. "CHASE ENJOYING A SPAW DAY." The video shows the cat getting a massage, face pack, and face roller done. The cat's parent also clipped the cat's nails and filed them to perfection. The spa session was completed with cucumber slices on the eyes. The spa day video has been viewed more than 8 lakh times. Social media users loved the video and it also served as a major inspiration for self-care. A user commented, "Dude I'm officially so jealous Of Chase." Another user wrote, "Those cats live better than me." "Well damn Chase... we're jelly over here," the third wrote. "He is one patient guy - also the expression on his face he LOOOOOVES it!" the fourth expressed. Fifi Furrha and Kareem Khalil often post videos of their cats. In a 'Dontstopmeowing' blog posted by the pawrents, they talked about how they trained their cats.